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The AMPHOS 8000 series is the most compact and commercialized high power ultrafast laser system worldwide based on the InnoSlab amplification technology, now available up to 200 W and 5 mJ. The use of industrialized modules leads to a laser system with highest reliability and reproducibility, ideally suited for the scientific and advanced market.

Image of the AMPHOS 8000

High Production and Quality Standards

Due to industrial mass production standards and strict quality measures our new generation shines with a stable and long life time performance in the field.

Serviceability and Remote Support

Our new and modular design offers an exchange concept on side for an fast recovery of the perfomance.
All of our lasers are remote serviceable to ensure a worldwide sudden support.

Versatile Pump Source

The flexible and featured Amphos8000 Laser is the ideal front end pump source for further photonic products like pulse compression to few-cycles, OPCPA, high flux HHG and secondary sources.

200 W

average power

5 mJ

pulse energy

<1 ps

pulse duration

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Unleash the Power

An output power of up to 200 W and pulse energy up to 5mJ make this laser series the perfect choice for high intensity applications like OPCPA pumping, Attosecond physics and advanced materials processing.


  • Versatile
  • Burst Mode
  • Pulse on Demand
  • Pulse Picker


  • fs-Version
  • ns-Version
  • SHG, THG
  • Tunable Pulse Duration
    Customer Seedlaser Integration
    GHz Operation


  • OPCPA Pumping
  • Attosecond Physics
  • High Flux HHG
    Secondary Sources
  • Materials and Micro Processing

Parameter Range

Power Range
50 W - 200 W

Energy Range
1 mJ - 5 mJ

<1 ps as standard
fs- & ns-Version

Single Shot - 40 MHz

1030 / 515 / 343

48 x 33 cm2

Photonic Addons

We are working close together with our partner companies to offer an even larger range of parameters for advancing your applications.

  • External Pulse Compression with MPC or HCF to come to short pulses down to few cycles
  • OPA and OPCPA
  • HHG
  • Secondary Sources

Laser-plasma X-ray generation

Research Instruments Corporation (RIC) uses AMPHOS lasers from TRUMPF in its laser-driven X-ray sources.  RIC’s laser plasma X-ray platform represents a leap in microfocus X-ray source performance demanded in advanced X-ray applications.

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Performance Measurements of typical AMPHOS 8000 Series Lasersystems.

Measurements – Beam Diameter & Focal Spot
Measurements – Image 2
Measurements – Intensity & Delay
Measurements – size & position
Measurements – position & time
Measurements – power & time