The new Generation

The new generation of the AMPHOS 3000 Series is available with higher power up to 600W and pulse energy up to 20mJ. An optimized and rigorous developed InnoSlab Amplifier Module provides highest robustness and stability. The laser has been designed for advanced applications like OPCPA Pumping, High Harmonic Generation and Secondary Sources.

Image of the AMPHOS 3000

High Production and Quality Standards

Due to industrial mass production standards and strict quality measures our new generation shines with a stable and long life time performance in the field.

Conservative Specifications

With plenty of headroom, we can ensure a long life time and stable performance for the specified parameters.

Modular Setup

The modular setup allows for broad parameter range in average power, pulse energy, pulse duration and wavelength. The modules can be choosen and modified to fit to the customers application.

600 W

average power

20 mJ

pulse energy

<1.5 ps

pulse duration

A decorative image showcasing AMPHOS technology.


Ideal platform for advanced applications

An output power of up to 600W and pulse energy up to 20mJ make this laser series the perfect choice for advanced applications like OPCPA pumping, Attosecond physics and new materials processing applications.


  • Versatile
  • Burst Mode
  • Pulse on Demand
  • Pulse Picker


  • fs-Version
  • ns-Version
  • SHG, THG
  • Tunable Pulse Duration
    Customer Seedlaser Integration
    GHz Operation


  • OPCPA Pumping
  • Attosecond Physics
  • High Flux HHG
    Secondary Sources
  • Materials and Micro Processing

Parameter Range

Power Range
100 - 600 W

Energy Range
1 - 20 mJ

<1.5 ps as standard
fs- & ns-Version

Single Shot - 40 MHz

1030 / 515 / 343

110 x 72 cm2

Photonic Addons

We are working close together with our partner companies to offer an even larger range of parameters for advancing your applications.

  • External Pulse Compression with MPC or HCF to come to short pulses down to few cycles
  • OPA and OPCPA
  • HHG
  • Secondary Sources
A decorative image showcasing AMPHOS technology.


Performance Measurements of typical AMPHOS 3000 Series Lasersystems.

Measurements – Image 2
Measurements – Time (days)
Measurements – Time (hours)