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We are a leading manufacturer of powerful ultrashort pulse lasers utilizing cutting-edge InnoSlab Technology. Our state-of-the-art lasers are commercially available with an impressive output power exceeding 600 W a pulse duration of 1 ps and pulse energy reaching up to 20 mJ. Features like 5,000 W burst-mode operation, low jitter, pulse on demand and high reprate operation are well established. Discover our new generation of highpower ultrafast lasersystems.

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Modular design

Due to the modular design and the full vertical integration of all key components a very broad range of laser parameters can be addressed: customized lasers with high output power!

Compact & robust setup

Our new generation of amplifiers are designed as stable, reliable and robust OEM modules. The re-defined rigid testing and quality standards are bringing our new generation laser systems to the next level.


The linear amplification architecture provides the highest flexibility. Repetition rates from single shot up to 40MHz or even GHz as well as tuneable pulse durations are standard and well appreciated features.

600 W

average power

20 mJ

pulse energy

< 1 ps

pulse duration

5 kW

in burst mode

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Our Products

Welcome to the new Generation of highpower ultrashort pulse lasers!

The new generation of our InnoSlab highpower lasers is the result of 13 years of experience in building InnoSlab lasers from Amphos coupled with the industrial manufacturing know-how and rigid testing procedures from the TRUMPF Group. Our modular and linear laser architecture allows for a broad range of customization and flexible setups ideally suited for scientific and advanced applications. Pulse durations from fs to ns can be addressed as well as flexible repetition rates from single shots to 40MHz - or even GHz repetition rate. Other state of the art options like Pulse-on-Demand, Burst Mode, tunability are available. The integrated InnoSlab amplifier is based on a industrialized module with highest reliability and reproducibility.  

Image of the AMPHOS 8000

Amphos 8000

The Amphos8000 series is the most compact and commercialized high power ultrafast laser system worldwide based on the InnoSlab amplification technology, now available up to 200 W and 5 mJ. The use of industrialized modules leads to a laser system with highest reliability and reproducibility, ideally suited for the scientific and advanced market.


  • Versatile
  • Burst Mode
  • Pulse on Demand
  • Pulse Picker


  • fs-Version
  • ns-Version
  • SHG, THG
  • Tunable Pulse Duration
  • Customer Seedlaser Integration
  • GHz Operation
  • Synchronization
Image of the AMPHOS 3000

Amphos 3000

The new generation of the Amphos3000 series is available with higher power up to 600 W and pulse energy up to 20 mJ. An optimized and rigorous developed InnoSlab amplifier module provides highest robustness and stability. The laser has been designed for advanced applications like OPCPA pumping, HHG and secondary sources.


  • Versatile
  • Burst Mode
  • Pulse on Demand
  • Pulse Picker


  • fs-Version
  • ns-Version
  • SHG, THG
  • Tunable Pulse Duration
  • Customer Seedlaser Integration
  • GHz Operation
  • Synchronization

Compact and Robust:
Explore the AMPHOS InnoSlab Technology

AMPHOS Lasersystems are based on InnoSlab Amplification Technology. InnoSlab amplifier systems are characterized by a very simple beam path. Large amplification with high efficiency can be achieved at high intensity without using a regenerative beam path.The extremely compact setup - the distance between the folding mirrors is just 35mm - leads to a robust, quasi monolithic package.

Figure of the AMPHOS InnoSlab Technology

Due to the line shaped amplification volume of the InnoSlab amplifier the pumping system is highly efficient. No symmetrization of the diode laser radiation is necessary. The usage of Yb:YAG as active medium allows high average power due to the stable YAG crystal and low quantum defect as well as ultrashort pulses in the 500fs range due to the broad emission spectrum.As the InnoSlab laser is crystal-based, the spectrum is typically close to the time-bandwidth-limit of the shortest pulse duration.Scalability of output power is also simple with InnoSlab lasers. By increasing the crystal width the output power can be increased keeping the high beam quality and without increasing the demand on brightness of diode lasers. This is unique for diode pumped solid state lasers.

TheMaster-Oscillator-Power-Amplifier (MOPA) setup allows for flexible lasersystems. Temporal structure (Pulse duration, repetition rate)  is set by the oscillator and the quasi linearInnoSlab amplifier boosts pulse energy and power to the required level.

InnoSlab MOPA for broad parameter range

Simple beam path, high efficiency

Compact and robust design

Efficient pumping system

Yb:YAG active medium for high power

Scalable output power, high beam quality

Application in Science
and Industrial Production

Amphos is focusing on the core know-how of the last 13 years: manufacturing high quality laser systems based on the InnoSlab technology. We are working close with partners all over the world who integrate our lasers into their systems to address advanced applications.  

We are happy to connect you with our partners for further photonic add-on´s like external pulse compression down to few-cycle pulses, OPA & OPCPA and high harmonic generation.

OPCPA Pumping

High pulse energy, pulse duration around 1ps and high repetition rate make AMPHOS laser an ideal pump for OPCPA setups.

EUV generation

One of the key application in secondary sources. Driven by the high average power and flexibility in pulse duration and pulse shape of AMPHOS lasers highly efficient conversion rates can be achieved.

Attosecond physics

Shortest pulses are necessary to observe fast processes in nature such as electron movement in atoms or molecules. AMPHOS lasers are a perfect starting point for sophisticated scientific setups that are used in Attosecond science.

HHG generation

High harmonic generation is one of the most promising setups to build table top X-Ray or EUV sources. It requires powerful IR drive lasers to reach relevant output parameters. Due to the compactness AMPHOS lasers are ideally suited for such setups.

Cutting of glass

From very thin hardened glass to thick glass plate - AMPHOS laser parameters in combination with special focussing optics allow broad range of cutting geometries and high cutting speed.

CFRP machining

Ultrafast pulses ablate combinations of extremely different material such as hardest carbon fibers embedded in soft material like plastic without heating of the material. Both parts are vaporized by the intense laser pulses with highest quality.

Surface Structuring

High laser power is the key enabler for large area structuring. AMPHOS lasers support  various processing strategies from high repetition rate and fast scanning systems up to multi-spot application with high pulse energy.


The field of laser drilling is extremely wide. Different material combinations from metal to ceramics to plastics can be treated and customized 3D hole geometries are used. AMPHOS lasers deliver high pulse energy and tailored temporal puls shapes to improve laser drilling.

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About us:
Amplifying Photonics

AMPHOS manufactures ultrashort pulse laser systems with high average power for scientific and industrial applications based on longterm experience in development of InnoSlab laser systems, opto-mechanical design and thermo-mechanical mounting technology. AMPHOS establishes a new standard in stability and reliability of ultrashort pulse laser systems. The inherent simple setup of the InnoSlab Amplifier in combination with industrially proven and optimized components allows for a new generation of robust ultrashort pulse laser systems.

View of the TPH (Technologie-Park Herzogenrath) – Headquarters of AMPHOS
Logo RWTH Aachen University
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University research & Fraunhofer Spin-off

AMPHOS emerged from a university innovation. InnoSlab Technology has been developed at RWTH Aachen University and Fraunhofer ILT. In 2010 the AMPHOS journey started by commercializing the idea in order to bring ultrafast lasers to the next level.


Part of TRUMPF Group

Since 2018 AMPHOS is part of the TRUMPF Group. TRUMPF is the world technological and market leader for machine tools used in flexible sheet metal processing and for industrial and advanced lasers.


Advanced Lasers

AMPHOS lasers are powerful tools for advanced applications from science to industry. Industrialized amplifier modules are the base for flexible laser parameters. Vertical integration allows for customized systems.

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