AMPHOS Lasersystems are based on InnoSlab Amplification Technology. InnoSlab amplifier systems are characterized by a very simple beam path. Large amplification with high efficiency can be achieved at high intensity without using a regenerative beam path.

The extremely compact setup - the distance between the folding mirrors is just 35mm - leads to a robust, quasi monolithic package.

Due to the line shaped amplification volume of the InnoSlab amplifier the pumping system is highly efficient. No symmetrization of the diode laser radiation is necessary.

The usage of Yb:YAG as active medium allows high average power due to the stable YAG crystal and low quantum defect as well as ultrashort pulses in the 500fs range due to the broad emission spectrum.

As the InnoSlab laser is crystal-based, the spectrum is typically close to the time-bandwidth-limit of the shortest pulse duration.

Scalability of output power is also simple with InnoSlab lasers. By increasing the crystal width the output power can be increased keeping the high beam quality and without increasing the demand on brightness of diode lasers. This is unique for diode pumped solid state lasers.