Behind the scenes


At site the production begins with cleaning and then assembling the different components. A high power laser system has special requirements to its environment concerning cleanness. That is why every single component is cleaned in a defined process before it is assembled in a cleanroom area.

Electric Workshop

One fundamental component of a AMPHOS-Lasersystem is the inhouse developed and inhouse produced controller. In our electric workshop they are built up and tested intensely. Of course all electric elements that are directly integrated to the laserhead are tested and installed in this step of production too.


To use the full potential of a high power lasersystem the connection between electroopical components has to be perfect. The AMPHOS soldering process is on the leading edge and a basis for all AMPHOS products.

Laser Adjustment

When everything is in place the different components have to be adjusted to each other. Here the AMPHOS engineering pays out again. All mounts are developed by AMPHOS engineers and exclusively manufactured. This simplifies the adjustment and secures stable and repeatable output parameters.